Crisis Counselling / Coaching

I draw on my extensive business experience along with specialist trauma training in the therapeutic field to offer crisis support to organisations who wish to offer this to their colleagues. This may be in response to situations such as the sudden and unexpected death of a colleague, redundancy, merger and acquisition.


Supervision work can be of individuals or groups in all helping professions, including coaching and counselling. Often it is a professional requirement to have a supervisor but this should not be seen as the only reason to request supervision. Working with a supervisor is not like working with a counsellor. The supervisor will not invite you to explore personal issues, although issues might arise that could be separately taken to therapy. A supervisee brings their work with other people into the supervision session and between the supervisor and supervisee, any difficulties and uncertainties are explored within the supervision relationship. This can be powerful at times, as any anger, grief, confusion, despair or whatever that the supervisee brings from their own work is brought alive during the session with the supervisor.

Counselling "Front Room" with armchairs

Individual Counselling

Working one to one offers an opportunity to have your own space to explore issues which are causing you difficulty or distress. Individual counselling offers you this space to speak with someone independent of the circumstances and experiences which are impacting you. This allows a different perspective to be aired and considered and may offer new insight and ideas on how to think about and approach the situation causing difficulty. The work is supportive but may at times feel challenging. However, it will go at a pace which suits your individual needs. This work may be short term or could happen over many months. It may be about a very current issue or may involve looking at something which happened earlier in life, but which is impacting you still today. There are no rules around this and the amount of sessions and focus of the work is something you will agree with your therapist.