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Fiona Makan

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    Holistic-Therapeutic Massage with Fiona D Makan


    I am a registered massage therapist and I practice Holistic-Therapeutic Body Massage and On-Site chair Massage.

    Holistic-Therapeutic Body Massage (a little similar in style to Swedish massage) can be adapted to suit your needs.  My method of massage is nurturing and holistic. My technique has evolved and developed over time creating a tailored made massage that meets the needs of each individual client. This results in specific health rewards for the receiver and a positive recognition that my work has made a real difference.  My aim is to give you the client a feeling of overall well-being, physically,  mentally calm and revitalized. 

    With over 26 years qualified experience in this field, I have the knowledge that massage is indeed not to be overlooked as a method of preventative healthcare and also a hugely successful way to revitalize and listen to your body’s physiology and to support your mental health.

    The Massage I create with you depends on what you as an individual requests and requires, which will be gathered in a consultation, carried out at the start of your first session booked in with me, this entails gathering important medical information and your reasons for the massage. This is entirely confidential.

    Working with you, I will aim to ‘break’ down the tissue fluid of the Lymphatic system (areas of ‘knots’) which contribute to the muscles feeling ‘tight’ and stiff. Manipulative movements will improve the circulation to these areas of ‘tension’ bringing valuable oxygen and nutrients to ease discomfort. The body will benefit as it will then work at a more efficient and healthier pace. ‘Together’ we will achieve a result which is what you hope for when receiving complementary health therapy.

    I developed an interest in holistic body therapy massage work from receiving massage and feeling the benefits during a period of ten years in ‘the theatre world’ working in the UK and across Europe, including spending two years in Orkney and Shetland touring 14 of the surrounding islands with live theatre!

    While still pursuing theatre I studied and trained to become qualified in Holistic-Therapeutic Body Massage in Edinburgh with the International Therapeutic Educational Council (ITEC) in 1995. I trained with two highly experienced, qualified and spiritual teachers; Bavara and Lollit.

    I then travelled for two years into Europe and worked within Complementary Health developing my technique.  Deciding it was time to come back home to Edinburgh, I established my Complementary Health Practice in 1998, which continues today.

    For 26 years I have been working throughout Edinburgh and in Scotland on contract with Health projects and with On-site massage companies as a self-employed Complementary Health Therapist.

    I am registered with the Ctha-Complementary Therapists Association (EMBODY).

    Feel free to phone me or email me if you have any questions, no obligation.


    Mobile: 07733 450 625