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Michael McGovern

    Michael McGovern applying pressure to back muscles.

    KEYSTONE THERAPIES – Massage and Movement with Michael McGovern

    I spent a substantial part of my early adult life studying Buddhism. I spent eight years living in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery here in Scotland before travelling to America to study Japanese Buddhism. It was in the US that I encountered Sports Massage Therapy and discovered what has become a passion as well as a career. I have been a practising therapist for over ten years.

    The work I do with clients is quite deep and technical and can be intense, but I try to make it as pleasant as possible and explain what I am doing and why as I work. I encourage my clients to regularly communicate with me throughout the session so that we can find the source of the pain and treat it, with the aim of providing a release and longer-term healing.

    Starting with gentle warming and kneading strokes we gradually work deeper, pinpointing the muscles that are compensating for the injury. Using very deep strokes, Trigger Point, and Myofascial Release we work to loosen knots in the fascia (the connective tissue that binds everything together in the body), reducing tension and restoring balance. Sometimes I use Structural Integration to iron the muscles back into place when they have migrated or stretched out of alignment. To gauge the right pressure for you I use a number scale and ask for regular feedback – there is nothing worse than a massage that is not deep enough or that is painful!

    Post massage, we have the opportunity to discuss my assessment of your issues and I will demonstrate the stretches and strengthening exercises I recommend to help continue your recovery.


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