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Coaching and Group Work


Coaching support can range from very specific task work – short term with a clear purpose and goal – to helping someone break down a much bigger issue and subsequently working through the various sub issues. Often this is work related but not necessarily so. Help can be practical but may also involve developing personal awareness. This can help individuals understand their blocks to dealing with issues on their own.

Coaching sessions may be very regular at the outset and more spread out as the individual develops to implementing their newly defined plan.

Goals may be defined but they are not necessarily fixed in stone. The coaching sessions can involve reviewing and re-assessing as well as celebrating successes and achievements.

In helping you explore career decisions, practical help can be offered in terms of completing application forms and preparing for interviews.


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Group Work

Groups may have a specific task in mind, a common interest or may simply have as its purpose the personal development of the individual members. Group work may be standalone or can complement individual work. Groups may be made up of discrete team members or individuals across an organisation or even across different organisations. Consideration is given to issues such as conflicts of interest.

Groups can also be a space to explore interpersonal dynamics, particularly in organisations. Why is one person always angry? Why is another always late? The task is for the group to own the dynamics collectively, which are often replayed during the group work itself anyway, and to use its collective power to drive change.


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