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Body Therapies

Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, non-manipulative therapy for acute and chronic conditions, aimed at balancing the body and releasing muscular tension.

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Advanced Clinical Massage

Used to to target problem areas and deal with pain to improve quality of life, increase range of motion, improve posture and aid relaxation.

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Pregnancy Massage

A deeply relaxing and restorative treatment. The treatment provided is tailored to your changing needs throughout your pregnancy.                        

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Indian Head Massage

A deeply relaxing therapy, excellent both for relieving physical and emotional stress and for releasing tension.                 

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Relaxation Massage

The gentle manipulation of the body's soft tissues, to stimulate circulation and relieve muscle spasm.                                                

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Hot Stone Therapy

Applied as part of clinic & therapeutic treatments to release difficult 'knots', or as a stand-alone treatment.                           

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