Adrian Tupper

Head shot of Adrian Tupper

As a qualified and experienced counsellor, I will work with you through your difficult times. I offer counselling to adults regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race and history.

For those unfamiliar with counselling, starting out can feel unusual. We’re not used to the attentiveness, and the sometimes uncomfortable experience of sharing our stories, thoughts and feelings with thoughtful reflections delivered in return by someone who cares. And it may take some time to feel sufficiently comfortable about expressing what we’ve been holding onto for so long, perhaps without realising it.

At the first session, I will take some essential details from you and give you a chance to speak your mind – what brings you to counselling, for example. I will listen and communicate my understanding of your situation. And we will work at a pace which is right for you. The mutuality of the counselling relationship means we are both stakeholders in the process.

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