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Couple Counselling

    Our couple counsellor is trained and registered with Relationships Scotland.

    Couple counselling can help you to work through problems in your current relationship, explore your experience of past relationships or look at what’s important to you in your future relationships.

    We work with all relationship difficulties, regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity. 

    We can offer you a safe space in which to explore how you feel about your relationship. We don’t offer advice, tell you what to do, judge or necessarily try to save a relationship. We work towards finding the best way forward and the best outcome for you as a couple.

    The first session will be about assessing your situation to see what difficulties you are having and look at what needs to change. It is also the time when you can decide if counselling is the right choice for you at this time.

    Counselling isn’t a quick fix. It can take several months, or more, to work through your difficulties as it depends on your situation and what needs to change. However, our counsellor will meet with you regularly to support you as you work together through this process.

    Couples and individuals bring all kinds of problems to counselling. If you are having relationship problems of any kind, do not hesitate to get in touch.