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Dee Murray

    Shiatsu therapist.

    Life flows smoothly when we slow down.

    For many years, I have been passionate about bringing our bodies and minds back into a state of balance and harmony. To help reduce stress and feelings of overwhelm and relieve the physical and emotional overload too much stress can create.

    My name is Dee and I have been in the self-care industry for nearly 20 years now and I see how much damage stress can do. Back in 2003, it was my own battle with depression, anxiety and panic attacks that led me to train as a Shiatsu practitioner. This training helped me to heal and opened up a deeper, more nuanced world for me. A world of yin and yang, where our essential life force or qi (chi, prana) is an elemental flow through the seasons reflected in our minds and bodies.

    Before Shiatsu I trained in Drama and Dance, so I’ve always been connected to the flow of the body, and I still use my dance training today in the touch and flow I bring to my work.

    No matter what age you are, if you think you are feeling the results of stress in your body and mind, Shiatsu can help you.

    “I just think that Dee has magic hands. I always know I have someone to come to, to help when things get stressful.” Dr F Dempsey

    What is Shiatsu?

    Shiatsu is Japanese acupressure massage. A holistic complementary therapy that uses touch to create ideal conditions for self-healing, encouraging physical and emotional health & well-being.

    I combine acupressure, massage, flowing movement and joint rotations to disperse tension, reduce pain, promote relaxation and healthy functioning of body systems (circulation, breathing, digestion…).

    Shiatsu massage soothes and connects deeply with the nervous system, helping us feel whole again, easing out those tense and tight areas that hold fears, stresses and worries. Bringing us to an awareness of where the body carries the overload and feels the exhaustion.

    Shiatsu allows us the space to untangle emotionally, physically, and spiritually from the never-ending demands and other ‘stuff’ that clutters up life.

    Shiatsu is deeply relaxing and is known for being more than a massage as it works with the body’s energy pathways to create real change.

    “Dee never just provides the ‘usual’ treatment, and it feels like she really thinks about me as an individual. Dee has a warm and kind approach; very skilful in shiatsu” Ms Nicola P, Counsellor & CBT therapist

    If you would like to book a shiatsu or discuss if it’s the right treatment for you, please email or text me to arrange a chat.


    t: 07971414897

    If you would like to know more about shiatsu or discover what else I offer please visit my website.