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Marie-Anne Cody

    Physiotherapist, Craniosacral, Reiki and Massage therapist

    Marie-Anne is a Physiotherapist offering mostly massage (qualified 1992), a Craniosacral Therapist (1998) and Reiki Therapist (1997) .

    Marie-Anne offers deep tissue massage for problem areas and injuries. She can include trigger point and myofascial techniques within that.  She uses physiotherapy assessment of both posture and painful areas to pinpoint problems and can add in physiotherapy techniques for soft tissue, joint, muscle and nerve (neurodynamics) where needed.  Marie-Anne loves to offer a good relaxing massage too. She offers Craniosacral Therapy, a gentle but deep treatment which makes an excellent accompaniment to counselling, as well as addressing physical problems. She says “it reaches the parts her other therapies don’t reach!”  And she offers beautiful Reiki to support your health, your spirituality and to combat life stress.

    A combination of massage with Craniosacral or Reiki can be good to try if you are unfamiliar with them. Marie-Anne has a gentle, respectful and listening approach, working together with clients to support their health and solve problems together. 

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