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Dee Murray

    Dee Murray

    Shiatsu is Japanese acupressure massage. A holistic complementary therapy that uses touch to create ideal conditions for self-healing, encouraging physical and emotional health & well-being.atsu therapist. I combine acupressure, massage, flowing movement and joint rotations to disperse tension, reduce pain, promote relaxation and healthy functioning of body systems (circulation, breathing, digestion…).

    Michael McGovern

      Michael McGovern, counsellor, black and white photo

      I am drawn to working with neurodiverse individuals, trauma survivors, and creating a place that men can be comfortable being vulnerable in. I endeavour to create a space of warmth, confidentiality, integrity, and inclusivity with all my clients.

      I have a wealth of experience in working with self-awareness and wellbeing, including topics such as owning ‘shadow’, anger, and shame, particularly within the context of men’s groups, and through the lens of spirituality.