Head shot of Adrian Tupper

Adrian Tupper

Adrian has been counselling since qualifying in 2007. He offers counselling to adults regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race and history. He has an integrative approach but practises mostly psychodynamically, where the unconscious is made conscious through the exploration of emotions and our defences to them.

Adrian is also a qualified supervisor for counsellors and anyone in the helping professions.

Kate Hedges head shot

Kate Hedges

Kate works with clients experiencing a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, stress, exploration of identity, and relationship difficulties. She has considerable experience working with mental health and a specialism in trauma. For more than 20 years Kate worked in ecotherapy in adult and adolescent services.

Michael McGovern concentrating on massage

Michael McGovern

The work Michael does with clients is quite deep and technical and can be intense, but he tries to make it as pleasant as possible and explains what he is doing and why as he works. He encourages clients to regularly communicate throughout the session so that they can find the source of pain and treat it, with the aim of providing a release and longer-term healing.

Sarah Cornelius

Sarah offers therapeutic massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, myofascial release, seated acupressure and guided relaxation sessions. She has practised since 1998 both freelance and in community based projects.

Susan Marr

Susan qualified as a counsellor in 2007. She is trained as an integrated practitioner, with psychodynamic as her core model. She incorporates personal construct theory, cognitive behavioural therapy and person centred therapy. She has also completed the “Essentials” in psychosynthesis and training in dreamwork, abuse, sexuality and gender and trauma.

Susan also offers coaching, helping to develop personal awareness and understanding blocks to dealing with issues.

Susan offers counselling supervision individually or in groups.